How will I receive my personal loan?

It’s our goal at NZCU Baywide to make your financial life as easy as possible, which is why - depending on the purpose of your loan - we can either pay this directly to third parties, or directly into either your NZCU Baywide account or other bank account.

Are you using your loan for a new car? Then we can pay the funds directly to the vendor or dealership. Are you consolidating your debts? Then we can repay your creditors and start you on the path to a less worrisome financial life. Or maybe you’re looking to simply spoil yourself with a holiday or a big ticket item? If that’s the case, then we can transfer the funds directly into your account.

No matter what you’re planning on doing with your NZCU Baywide loan, we’ll work with you so that it’s that much easier to get on with living your best financial life.


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