High Interest Savings Accounts

Providing NZ with some of the best, high interest savings options.


With a different savings option to suit any need - from a competitive high interest on-call account to a flexible, customised goal saver account, NZCU Baywide can help you achieve your financial goals.


NZCU Baywide savings accounts help you achieve your financial goals

Online saver

Open a Online Saver Account

Earn high interest and access your money on-call (best rated)

Success saver

Open a serious saver account

The more you save the higher your interest rate

Retirement saver

Open a Retirement saver account

An easy and flexible way to save for retirement

Goal saver

Open a Goal saver account

Personalised account to help you reach your goal

Loyalty saver

not for profit icon

Get rewarded with lower personal loan interest rates

Christmas saver

Open a Christmas Saver Account

A flexible and easy way to save for Christmas

Jimmy J Junior Saver

Open a Jimmy J Junior Saver Account

Teach your kids valuable savings habits

Ways to bank

Ways to bank with us

ATM, online, mobile and more...

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After a better rate for your savings? Term Deposit from 4.30% p.a.*