What Savings Account is best for me?

At NZCU Baywide we believe kiwis’ financial needs are as diverse as this great country we call home, which is why we offer a great range of savings accounts that are specially designed to meet your savings needs, no matter what you’re saving for, or how much you’re trying to save.

Maybe you’re saving for a new or used vehicle? A dream wedding? Or maybe that long-awaited home renovation? Now that you know how a savings account works, it’s time to choose an account that works for you and your finances.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about our range of savings accounts to help make the decision easy:

Online Saver

Unpredictable finances? Unable to commit to a rigid savings plan? Or simply indecisive? Saving isn’t always easy, which is why NZCU Baywide’s 5 Star CANSTAR rated online saver account gives you the convenience and flexibility of on-call access to your money while you enjoy all of the benefits of a high interest savings account.

When you apply for an online saver account, you don’t just receive one of New Zealand’s best savings accounts, you also avoid costly transaction and account management fees when you use internet banking. So if you’re looking for an easy way to save that won’t get in the way, an online saver account might be just what you’re looking for.  

Term Deposits

What is a term deposit? It’s only one of the easiest ways to earn high interest on your savings, all while guaranteeing a great return on your investment. Unlike the variable rate of other savings accounts, term deposits earn a fixed rate over the life of an investment term of your choosing, which makes it easy to predict the return on investment you’ll receive from your term deposit.

While the debate over term deposits vs savings accounts can be a complex one, the choice ultimately comes down to how you like to save. Are you saving for the short-term and need access to your savings? Then a savings account is your best bet. If you’re saving for the long-term and would like to earn the highest rate possible, then a term deposit could be a better choice.

Success Saver

If you take saving seriously, then a success saver account can help do the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to: the more you save, the higher your interest rate. Add in compound interest and a competitive rate, and the success saver is the ideal option for kiwis like you who are on a mission to save.

Retirement Saver

When most kiwis think savings, they think retirement. And for good reason! We’re all going to retire one day. But with the retirement age on the rise, you’re having to wait longer to access any money currently locked away in you kiwisaver. Even then, is it going to be enough?

A retirement saver account is an easy way to save for your retirement and boost your savings, rewarding careful, considered savers with the added incentive of bonus interest if you don’t make a withdrawal throughout the year.

Throw in a lack of management fees, one free withdrawal per year, and unlimited free withdrawals once you hit 60, and the retirement saver account remains the go-to savings account for kiwis like yourself who are looking to save for tomorrow, today.

Goal Saver

Have your heart set on a holiday? Or maybe it’s a family home you’re after? Then a goal saver account could be just the thing for you, designed to help Kiwis like you who aren’t just saving for the sake of it, but rather have a goal in mind. Whatever that might be.

A goal saver account encourages you every step of the way, from the moment you open your account and decide how much you want to save, right through to personalising your account with a name so you can stay focused on what it is you’re saving for.

Loyalty Saver

At NZCU Baywide we believe that loyalty should be rewarded, which is why our loyalty saver account rewards our loyal members by offering kiwis like you easy access to more affordable loans.

With a loyalty saver account, you can use your savings as security to help you get an even better rate on a personal loan. The more you save, the lower your loan’s rate will be. In this way, a loyalty saver account helps you save twice: the first is the money you save in your account, and the second is the money you’ll save over the life of your loan. That sounds like a great reward to us!

Christmas Saver

The holiday period can be a difficult time for Kiwi families, with gifts and food running off the bottom of your already long shopping list. By signing up for a Christmas saver account, you can take the stress out of the holiday season by saving today for the things you want or need when the giving season rolls around.

In fact, many Kiwi families do something similar already by placing some money aside in a drawer or jar throughout the year, so why not put that money you’re already saving to work? A Christmas saver account comes with flexible deposits, free account transfers between any NZCU Baywide accounts, plus free withdrawals from 1 November to 31 January so you have access to your money when you need it most.

Jimmy J Junior Saver

A savings account of their own is every kiwi kid’s first step on the path to great savings habits and an even greater financial life, so why not teach your child or grandchildren valuable savings habits in the best way possible with a Jimmy J account?

With a Jimmy J account, your kids also become a member of the Jimmy J savers club, which keeps your kids engaged and is sure to make saving fun. As a member, they’ll receive great extras like a Jimmy J membership certificate, a Jimmy J membership card, and a birthday card to celebrate their special day.

And for the parents? Your child can deposit or direct credit amounts from job earnings or make a free transfer of as little as $1 a week from you, a grandparent or other family member's NZCU Baywide account.

Do you want to save your money and earn high interest as you do so? Apply online for a high interest savings account today.