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The 9 worst bits of savings advice we've *ever* heard

Not all financial advice is created equal…If you’re struggling to save, there’s a fair chance you’ll give any tip or trick a try.Unfortunately, there is a ...

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Posted February 2021

8 Great ways to eat healthy while saving money on your grocery bill

Top tips for a healthier shopping list and bank balance...Did you know that grocery shopping takes the next largest chunk out of most Kiwis’ wages?It’s sec...

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Posted December 2020

Feel the joy: Great ideas for saving money this Christmas

We're giving the gift of financial freedom this holiday season with these festive money saving tips...Are you excited for Christmas, or dreading it a littl...

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Posted November 2020

33 Simple hacks for saving money on groceries

Fill your shopping trolley for less with our sensible shopping ideas...Grocery shopping can take a fair bang out of your buck each week.It's frustrating, e...

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Posted October 2020

Term Deposits 101: Everything you need to know

We answer all of the questions you’re asking about one of New Zealand’s most popular investment options...Are you looking for a safe place to grow your cas...

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Posted September 2020

Don't forget these miscellaneous budget expenses *everyone* overlooks

Get a handle on unexpected expenses with our must-read list...Creating a monthly budget is a great way to keep on track throughout the year.It helps you ba...

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Posted August 2020

3 Steps to fast track your way to financial freedom

Start living your best financial life with these financially savvy tips...Do you ever ponder your financial future?You know, that far-off day when you can ...

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Posted July 2020

Will you continue to think before you spend?

We’re always looking at ways to help our members achieve a better tomorrow, like reducing your spending. Many kiwis have looked at their spending over lock...

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Posted July 2020

Debt Snowball Method: 6 Simple steps to defeating your debts

Get on a roll with this super effective debt repayment strategy...When it comes to personal finances, getting out of debt is a top priority.But working out...

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Posted June 2020