Helping Kiwis to financial freedom


Savings habits should be your new normal

2020 will certainly be remembered as a year of change. Without a doubt we have been forced to think about how we spend time and money. Our budgeting and sa...

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Posted June 2020

COVID-19 & You: What to do during times of financial uncertainty

Worried about money? Follow these 6 steps *right now* to ease the pressure…It’s safe to say we all have money on our minds at the moment.COVID-19 and the s...

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Posted June 2020

Couponing For Kiwis: How To Save Money With Coupons

Saving money on your next purchase is just a click away...Are you looking to save a few dollars?We know financially savvy Kiwis always are! Whether your bu...

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Posted April 2020

11 Unnecessary expenses every Kiwi can cut from their budget

Clearing your path to financial freedom...We know, sometimes sticking to your budget is easier said than done.Separating necessities from luxuries, needs f...

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Posted February 2020

How to live Credit Card free in 2020

6 Tips for eliminating debts and living life stress-free...A new year often comes with new financial resolutions.If you’re one of the many Kiwis across the...

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Posted January 2020

What to expect when you can't pay your debts

Plus top tips for how to deal with it...Debt can come about for a variety of reasons.Sometimes it’s a necessary evil, others it’s a last resort.Despite you...

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Posted December 2019

How to retire debt free with (financial) peace of mind

Ensuring your golden years really are golden...Ideally, we’d all love to retire tomorrow.But most Kiwis are expecting to delay retirement well past 65.Rely...

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Posted November 2019

Save money? Or pay off debt? Everything you need to know

Finding the best path to achieving financial freedomSometimes you’ll find yourself wedged between a rock and a “financial” hard place…...this often means h...

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Posted August 2019

10 Little known tips for saving money each month

Our best ideas for healthier looking savings...Everyone knows all about the common bits of saving advice.....spend less than you earn, shop with a grocery ...

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Posted July 2019