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How to live Credit Card free in 2020

6 Tips for eliminating debts and living life stress-free...A new year often comes with new financial resolutions.If you’re one of the many Kiwis across the...

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Posted January 2020

What to expect when you can't pay your debts

Plus top tips for how to deal with it...Debt can come about for a variety of reasons.Sometimes it’s a necessary evil, others it’s a last resort.Despite you...

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Posted December 2019

How to retire debt free with (financial) peace of mind

Ensuring your golden years really are golden...Ideally, we’d all love to retire tomorrow.But most Kiwis are expecting to delay retirement well past 65.Rely...

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Posted November 2019

Save money? Or pay off debt? Everything you need to know

Finding the best path to achieving financial freedomSometimes you’ll find yourself wedged between a rock and a “financial” hard place…...this often means h...

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Posted August 2019

10 Little known tips for saving money each month

Our best ideas for healthier looking savings...Everyone knows all about the common bits of saving advice.....spend less than you earn, shop with a grocery ...

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Posted July 2019

How to build a (better) budget in 9 easy steps [Plus! *FREE* Downloadable Budget Template]

Fast track your journey to a stress-free financial future with our guide…“Where does it all go?!”We’re sure this is one of the most common phrases heard in...

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Posted February 2019

9 great side hustles that'll make you more money this month

Ease the financial burden with these money-making ideas!Did you know that New Zealand is one of just four industrialised countries where a large percentage...

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Posted July 2018

9 fast & free money saving ideas. #6 makes a lot of...cents…

Check out our sensible ways to save!Kiwis can always use a little more money in their back pockets.When you consider that recent reports show ...

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Posted May 2018

Tips on better budgeting

Zelda and Stephen Van der Walt were our lucky winners of "$5,000 towards your bills" after taking out a Personal Loan with NZCU Baywide. Now is the perfect...

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Posted May 2018