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Do you need money but don’t have any assets to offer as security? Our super low interest rates provide a great option – don’t hold off and apply today!



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What is unsecured finance?

Unsecured loans are a more expensive, but less risky form of personal loan for a borrower. Whereas with a secured loan you are required to provide an asset to use as collateral to secure the loan, no collateral is required for an unsecured loan. However, the trade-off for not having to use collateral for your loan are slightly higher interest rates and the amount you can borrow is usually lower. 

The criteria for unsecured finance is stricter and we will need to look a range of things including your affordability, job history, credit score and how much you're wanting to borrow. Similar to secured loans an unsecured loan can be used for just about anything, a holiday, home improvements, weddings, special events and much more. Interest rates for our unsecured loans are some of the lowest in New Zealand, starting from 8.9% per annum*.

If you want to apply for a loan, use our free online loan application form or call 0800 229 943 to speak with one our friendly team today. At Credit Union Baywide we don’t just focus on how the numbers look on paper, we listen to your story to help you save.


More information

  • We have flexible borrowing terms available from 6 months - 7 years
  • The minimum personal loan borrowing amount is $2,000 and the maximum personal loan borrowing amount is $60,000.
  • No early repayment fees - you have the option to make lump sum repayments and pay your loan off faster
  • The minimum unsecured personal loan interest rate is 8.9% p.a.
  • The maximum personal loan interest rate is 25.9% p.a.
  • View our interest rates and fees here



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Applying for unsecured finance? Our guides will help you through the process.


What’s the difference between an unsecured & secured personal loan?

As it turns out, there’s a big difference between unsecured and secured personal loans. The former can be more difficult to get, especially if you carry a poor credit rating. They also come with a higher interest rate, and a smaller cap.

The latter, meanwhile, uses some form of collateral as security, be it a boat or a vehicle, to obtain a larger loan amount that’s charged at a lower interest rate. If the loan goes unpaid, however, then you’re liable to lose the property that you used as security.

There’s more to secured and unsecured loans than this, so keep reading to find out more about these two types of loan, and which one is right for you.

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