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Dreaming of a new kitchen or bathroom, an extension or wanting to spruce up your property for sale? Take out a home improvement loan with Credit Union Baywide and make it happen. 


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secured home improvement loans from
9.9% p.a.*

minimum $2,000

affordability and credit score criteria apply

unsecured home improvement loans from
10.9% p.a.*

minimum $2,000

affordability and credit score criteria apply

Have you been thinking of renovating your home but don’t have the money saved to get the look you want? Why not get a home renovation loan from Credit Union Baywide and make it happen?

Our home improvement loans are the perfect financing option for people who want to renovate or upgrade their home. Whether you want to put in a new kitchen, build an extension or spruce up your property for selling, a loan from NZCU Baywide can help make your dreams a reality.

After all, maintaining your property and keeping it in good shape doesn’t just improve its value – it can also save you from sudden damage due to poor maintenance.

At Credit Union Baywide we don’t just focus on how the numbers look on paper. We listen to your story and help you save. Contact our friendly team to discuss your home improvement loan today.


Rates & loan information


 loan value

$2K - $50K

 loan term

6 mths - 7 years

interest rate

9.90 - 28.90% p.a.

    approval fee  



Personal finance rates

Our interest rates are priced using a risk matrix that takes into consideration a range of factors including an individual's credit score and affordability. Based on the assessment of and individual's financial information provided we will assign a risk grade and the corresponding interest rate could apply.


Secured loan

Unsecured loan


Interest rate p.a.*

Interest rate p.a.*

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Yellow A



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Blue A



Blue B




*Note: These interest rates p.a. are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice.


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