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We have launched our state-of-the-art, modernised banking system.

Take a look around and start the journey towards our new, super-duper way of doing banking.

You'll see some big improvements designed to benefit you, our customer-owners.

Rest assured, we will still be going out of our way to provide you with user-friendly banking options and excellent customer service all day, every day.


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FAQs - System upgrade and outage

This new system has been a long time coming, the current system is over 30 years old! Once live, we will be operating (behind the scenes) one of the best systems internationally. It will allow us to improve a lot of processes and enable us to review and improve our products and services in the future. We will have the ability to improve and expand, ultimately benefiting you, the customer.

The upgrade is scheduled between 7.30pm on Friday 2 March and midnight Sunday 4 March. We will be working throughout the weekend to get the new system up and running, however some of our services will be unavailable during this time, such as mobile, phone and internet banking.

Internet and phone banking will be unavailable from 7.30pm Friday 2 March, until Midnight Sunday 4 March, or until the upgrade is successfully completed. We expect EFTPOS and ATMs to be up and running throughout the outage but it would pay to perhaps get cash out before the weekend.  Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates, we will also send TXT messages to keep you informed.
Our Call Centre will be open 7am - 7pm Saturday 3 March and Sunday 4 March for general enquiries only. Throughout the outage our team will not have access to the system to perform transactions on your account, but they WILL be able to give you updates on the situation and support you with any queries you may have.

Can I view my balance? Yes

Can I withdraw my entire balance? Yes

Any funds transferred from an external account (ie ANZ) on Friday 2 March will be processed the next business day. For example: Processed Monday with funds available Tuesday. Any funds transferred from an internal (NZCU Baywide) account on Friday 2 March, before 7.30pm, will be available instantly. No transfers/payments can be made between 7.30pm Friday 2 March – Midnight Sunday 4 March.

Any payments (direct debits or automatic payments) that you have scheduled will go out as normal. You will be unable to set up any NEW payments between 7.30pm on Friday 2 March and 8am Monday 5 March (when we open back up for business as usual).

Absolutely! The security and privacy of your information is our priority, and our new core banking system will provide additional features to protect you further.

Yes. You can call our Contact Centre between 7am – 7.30pm on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 March. We’ll be doing our best to make sure that we get the new system up and running with as little downtime. Please also remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates.

FAQs - Account information

Some of you will be used to pressing ‘SAV’ when using your AccessCard or AccessDebit.
When we go live you will need to get into the habit of pressing ‘CHQ’ to access one of your accounts.
• If you only have an Everyday/Bfree account on your card press CHQ
• If you only have an MU Saver/Goal Saver account on your card press CHQ
• If you have an Everyday/Bfree account and a Goal Saver account on one card:
For Everyday/Bfree press CHQ and for Goal Saver press SAV.
If you would like some help please call us on 0800 229 943.

If you currently have multiple member numbers, after we go-live we can merge these into one customer number that all your accounts are linked to. Contact us after we go-live and we can discuss your options.

new customer number


Yes, once the new system is live, you can quote your original member number and we will be able to access your accounts with this number.

No. Internet banking has not changed – just keep doing what you have been doing and using your current internet banking access number.

No. When we go live with the new system you will not see any changes to do with your internet banking. However our new system will enable to implement changes in the future. But for right now, everything remains the same.

From 4 March 2018 the cut-off time for payments to external accounts will be 6.45pm. You will need to complete transactions before 6.45pm weekdays to have the funds available on the next working day.
For example, if you transfer funds at 7pm on a Wednesday, the funds will be available in the external account on Friday morning. If you have any questions around payment times please call us on 0800 229 943.

The date your first loan repayment is due after we go live with the new system, will be based on the date you made your last payment before 3 March 2018.

For example, If Mr Smith’s loan repayment is due to be paid each fortnight and the next one is due on Thursday 22 February, but he chooses to pay it early on Tuesday 20 February, Mr Smith’s future loan repayments will then always be due each fortnight on a Tuesday. The frequency (ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly) and the amount due will remain the same. If you have any questions or would like to check when your loan payments will be due, please feel free to call us to discuss.

Any money that is over and above the minimum repayment amount of your loan will remain in your loyalty saver account it will not be paid onto your loan.paying more than minimum

When we go live the re-draw facility on your personal loan will no longer be available.

Once the funds have been applied to your loan you are unable to redraw them again without going through the normal process of applying for a loan top-up.


Yes. At the time we go live an S6 Loyalty Saver account will be automatically set up for any loan customers that need them. Internal A/Ps to your loan will be automatically directed to the Loyalty Saver. You do not need to do anything we will handle it all over the weekend that we go live.

loyalty saver

No you won’t need to do a thing. We will take care of everything. Once we go live AP’s won’t happen as they currently do – instead the system will pull funds from the S6 Loyalty Saver account to the loan (much like an internal Direct Debit).

Yes you have the option to withdraw any extra money in your Loyalty Saver; however you must leave the equivalent of one month’s minimum loan repayment amount in your Loyalty Saver account after the withdrawal. A fee will apply each time you withdraw and other conditions may apply.

We are discontinuing some accounts to make it easier for you to ‘choose and use’ how you bank. The MU Saver and Retirement Saver are two of these accounts.

Your MU Saver account will become your Goal Saver account:

  • Competitive interest rate
  • The benefits of mobile and internet banking
  • The convenience of an EFTPOS and/or debit card

Your Retirement Saver account will become your Success Saver account:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Tiered rates, the more you save the higher your interest rate

If you have any questions about your new account please feel free to call us on 0800 229 943.


Yes, once the migration happens your Goal Saver or Retirement Saver will be set up for you.

The new ‘Everyday Unlimited’ account will only be available once we go-live with our new system. Once we go live we can assess your options and discuss what works best for you.

FAQs - Fees

We listened to what our customers had to say and many people found our fee structure out-dated and our rebate scheme quite complicated. The new system provides us with the functionality to finally make these changes to provide better and easier choices on how you bank.

Some fees, including the account management fee have increased to allow us to reduce other fees across the board that will generally benefit customers overall. Including, FREE electronic charges, reduced EFTPOS charges plus 30 FREE EFTPOS transactions. It also means we can offer our newest “all you can eat” account. The Everyday Unlimited account has a flat monthly fee of $10 and allows you unlimited EFTPOS and staff assisted transactions each month.

Yes. From 1st March you will be charged the staff assisted withdrawal and transfer fee of $2.50. There are a couple of ways which will help reduce fees on your account

1. Internet banking - a way to take control of your accounts and make general electronic transactions when it suits you with no charges.

2. Changing your account to an Everyday Unlimited account where you pay a flat $10 rate for all transactions on your account.

The increase to the Staff Assisted fee is a reflection on how we do banking in 2018 and into the future. We can offer you services that will greatly reduce or eliminate this fee, such as:

1. Internet banking – a way to take control of your accounts and make electronic transactions when it suits you with no charges. All electronic transactions will be free.

2. AccessCard/AccessDebit card – allowing you to use either our NZCU ATMs at no charge to withdraw cash or pay by EFTPOS and receive 30 free EFTPOS transactions and then be charged 20c each thereafter.

3. Everyday Unlimited account – providing you with unlimited transactions throughout the calendar month for a flat monthly rate of $10.

There are many benefits to having a Goal Saver account; with your Goal Saver account you are able to benefit from all the products and services available such as:

1. Internet banking – a way to take control of your accounts and make general electronic transactions when it suits you.

2. Accesscard and AccessDebit card – Giving you the benefit of FREE withdrawals from our ATM.

3. Using the AccessDebit card for online purchases.

4. If you are over 65 you will qualify for our fee exemptions which include staff assisted withdrawals and transfers, EFTPOS and account management fees.



Yes, these customers will be charged the following:

- Success Saver $5 withdrawal fee

- Loyalty Saver $5 withdrawal fee

- Christmas saver $10 per withdrawal fee (Feb – Oct)

You will be charged fees based on your accounts not on the number of CIF numbers you have.

For example, if you have two different CIF numbers, an Everyday account under one CIF and a Goal saver under another, you will be charged normal fees on each account.

Yes. For example, If you request a staff assisted withdrawal from your Online Saver account, your Online Saver account will be charged $2.50.

After the first free withdraw, you will be charged $5 per withdraw. This will be charged at the end of the month from your Success Saver account.

To make it easier for you to manage your accounts and to avoid lump-sum charges at the end of the month, as many fees as possible will be charged in real-time. The fees that can’t be charged in real-time are the fees where the system has to first count any ‘free’ transactions. For example, EFTPOS on the Everyday account is 30 free transactions per month, then 20c per transaction. The system has to count the ‘free’ transactions and then charge for remaining. As Goal Saver doesn’t have any ‘free’ transactions to account for, the system is able to charge the 20c per transaction in real-time.

Yes – there are other products we can offer you instead of a bank cheque that will make your banking much easier.

1. An AccessCard - You will receive 30 FREE EFTPOS transactions before you are charged 20c per transaction thereafter.

2. Internet banking - a way to take control of your accounts and make general electronic transactions when it suits you with no charges.

3. A staff assisted external transfer (in this instance you will be charged the teller transaction of $2.50).