How to vote

It's now even easier to have your say

Annual General Meeting of Credit Union Baywide

Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Click here to view the Notice of Annual General Meeting

Click here to vote

Please read through the Notice of Meeting carefully then follow the instructions below to vote.

1. Click here to visit the voting site

2. Login using your unique log-in details (sent directly to you via email or post)

3. Read through the resolutions and select your vote (For, Against, Abstain)

4. Once you have submitted all of your votes you will have an opportunity to view your selections (and go back and edit) before submitting

Please call us on 0800 229 943 or pop into your local branch if you have any questions about the Annual General Meeting or how to vote. 

Who's eligible to vote?

The current Rules provide:

  • for joint accounts, the first-named person on the account shall have the vote; and
  • only valid members aged 16 or older at the closing date for voting (as set out below) may vote.

Primary (first-named) account holders, over the age of 16, may cast one vote per resolution.

E-voting, New Zealand’s leading independent election management team, has been contracted to manage the voting for CUB’s 2020 AGM. To aid the integrity of the process, the Board of Directors has appointed Warwick Lampp from as Returning Officer to oversee the voting. 

Please be confident in the knowledge that we’re here to support you and ensure that all those eligible to vote, will have the opportunity to do so. If you’re eligible to vote, as well as being able to cast your vote from any device, all branches will be equipped to assist you in casting your vote in-branch if you prefer. Please contact your local branch if you have any questions. 


Voting FAQs

You are invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Credit Union Baywide (CUB)
Wednesday 28 October 2020, commencing at 6pm
Millennium Hotel Rotorua, 1270 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua

Business of the evening will include:

• Confirmation of the minutes of the previous AGM
• Report from the Board
• Presentation of financial statements
• Appointment of Auditors
• Resolution Outcomes:
• Rules Amendment – Board Appointed Directors
• Rules Amendment – Number of Elected Directors
• Rules Amendment – Maximum Director Term
• Other Rule Amendments
• Directors Remuneration
• Appointment of Directors
• General business

Please note, no voting on the above resolutions will be conducted on the night.
These resolutions will be voted on before the AGM via electronic voting using Ltd.
Further details of the meeting can be found either on our website here, by contacting your local branch or
by calling 0800 229 943.

Each member who is eligible to vote will receive voting information that will include their unique login details. From any device, you'll be able to visit the voting site where you'll be prompted to enter your unique e-voting PIN and password. From there you'll follow the simple instructions provided to cast your votes for each resolution. The whole process should take less than 5 minutes.

Voting closes at 4pm, Tuesday 27 October 2020.

All votes are confidential and managed independently by Credit Union Baywide will not be able to access individual votes or identify who has cast a vote. will only provide the following information to Credit Union Baywide:

  • The final result
  • A breakdown of the results, ie the number of 'for', 'against' or 'abstained'
  • Basic demographic trends ie which region of NZ voted mainly 'for', 'against' or 'abstained'

Each member who is eligible to vote can cast one vote per resolution.

The voting process is compatible with all smartphone devices, computers and tablets. Alternatively, you can vote at one of your local branches. You will need to bring your unique voting details with you (staff will not have access to these details, they are unique and confidential to you only).


Electronic voting offers a more accessible, secure, faster and environmentally friendlier process for voting. The use of technology makes the voting process more accessible for the majority of our customer-owners, allowing more customer-owners to have their say.

Engaging with an independent voting specialist also aids in protecting the integrity of the process.

Your local branch will be equipped to assist you in submitting your vote, just ensure you take your unique voting details in with you (staff will not have access to these).

Alternatively, you can call our friendly team on 0800 229 943 and they'll be able to help you with any queries relating to the e-voting process.