Director Nominations 2019

Director nominations

In October 2019, three of your Directors will come to the end of their appointed term.

Nominations are invited from members for these Director positions. These must be in writing (forms available by contacting Office Support on 06 872 7558) and placed in the Secretary’s hand at Credit Union Baywide’s Hastings office no later than 4pm on 28 June 2019. Members including current Directors are eligible for nomination.

Nominees must be a member of Credit Union Baywide and meet the requirements of a ‘fit and proper person’ as detailed in our Rules.

Nominations must be accompanied by a completed:

• Nomination for Election to the Board of Directors form

• Fit and Proper Person Declaration

• Suitability Notice for Director Under the NBDT Act 2013

• Personal Information Statement

• Current CV detailing relevant skills and experience.

Nominations require a mover, seconder and the nominee’s agreement, and be in accordance with our Rules.