Hardship Application

Information for all Credit Union Baywide members: NZCU Baywide, NZCU Central, NZCU South and ACU.


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  • Please enter in your financial details as based on a weekly basis.
  • If this is a joint application, please enter in the combined weekly amounts of both applicants.
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  • All information supplied is true, correct and complete and may be relied upon by Credit Union Baywide.
  • I/we have not withheld any information (including information regarding bankruptcy or no asset procedure) which may affect Credit Union Baywide's decision regarding this application.
  • I/we will advise Credit Union Baywide of any changes to relevant personal information including (but not limited to) the information in this application.
  • Credit Union Baywide may use personal information it holds for the purposes set out in the General Terms and Conditions. This includes (but not limited to) provision of products or services by Credit Union Baywide, market research, legal compliance and promotion of products and services by selected third parties engaged by Credit Union Baywide. 
  • Credit union Baywide may (at its sole discretion) make relevant enquiries in relation to the application, including credit checks and enquiries in relation to my current or past employment. 
  • My personal information may be disclosed to debt recovery and credit reporting agencies, and my personal information may be disclosed by credit reporting agencies to their eligible customers.
  • I/we have the right to access and correct any information held about me by Credit Union Baywide.
  • Credit Union Baywide will ensure that information about me is securely held and will not, except as set out in General Terms and Conditions or as authorised by me or when required or authorised by law, be disclosed to any other person or organisation.