COVID-19 - How we can help

Information for all Credit Union Baywide members: NZCU Baywide, NZCU Central, NZCU South and ACU.

As per the government’s recent announcement, all of New Zealand has gone back into Alert Level 1.

The Alert Level guidelines have been updated since last time and we are working through the requirements to clarify what this means for us and, more importantly, our members. Please visit this page regularly, to access the most up to date information. 


Level-1 – what does this mean for our members?

All other branches will maintain normal operating hours but will be under level 1 guidelines. Please remember to utilise our mobile, internet and phone banking services. 

  • Click here to view the latest NZCU Baywide branch operating hours
  • Click here to view the latest NZCU South branch operating hours
  • Click here to view the latest NZCU Central branch operating hours
  • Click here to view the latest ACU branch operating hours


Visiting a branch

We all need to help stop the spread of the virus. Please avoid visiting a branch wherever possible. 

Please only use a branch if you have no other option. In all instances, we ask you to firstly utilise mobile or internet banking (where able), an ATM, or contact our call centres to assist with your banking needs. And, please do not use a branch if you’re sick or you’ve been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms.


Register for internet banking

To stay connected make sure you are registered for internet banking and then mobile banking. Please use the link below to find out more information and to sign up to internet banking, you can then download the mobile banking app.


How to get in touch

We're here to help and our team are dedicated to ensuring that you are able to stay on top of your finances and help answer any questions you may have. 

Please be patient as Contact Centre wait times may be longer than usual. To free up the phone lines, we urge you to complete an online form and we'll get in touch as soon as possible.


COVID-19 financial support

  • If you have been affected by COVID-19 and require financial assistance please complete the online request form here. We will then contact you to discuss your options. Due to level of hardship applications we are receiving, we ask that you please refrain from calling the contact centre about this particular service and instead send your enquiries through our website - we will review your details as soon as possible and get back to you via phone or email to discuss your options.
  • If you have concerns about your financial situation or are soon be struggling with your Home Loan or Personal Loan repayments please get in touch sooner rather than later. Due to the unprecedented demand we're experiencing for financial relief, it may take multiple (working) days for our team to process your application.

Loan repayment holiday application form 

Loan repayment holidays

Q: What is a loan repayment holiday?
A: Although it's often referred to as a ‘loan holiday’ or ‘repayment holiday’ the more accurate term is actually a ‘deferred payment plan’. 

To be clear, a deferred payment plan only stops the need for you to make repayments for an agreed time. Your outstanding loan balance will continue accruing interest over this time, which will be added to your loan.
Please consider a deferred payment plan [loan repayment holiday] carefully. In the long run it can increase the total amount you need to repay and your monthly repayments in the future may be higher.

Keeping yourself safe online 

Cybercriminals will do all they can to take advantage of peoples’ anxiety or stress, those that are vulnerable are at high risk of being severely affected. Online hysteria, with the fear of panic buying, products being out of stock and ‘fake news’ popping up all over social media can lead to a huge opportunity for hackers to prey on and deceive people while they are in vulnerable positions, mentally and physically.

Please read through the information here on how to identify these scams and how to protect yourself.

Other helpful information

Please look after yourselves during these tough times. Utilise the free government services that are supplied to the public and make sure you take care of yourself and those who are around you. Use the resources listed below to keep up to date and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.